Friday, 20 June 2008

Need to access your files every where?

Need to access your files every where? And again you do not want to pay?
Accessing your files every where is a vital thing that most of us need to have.
Normally accessing files remotely need to have an static IP in your source computer, but you do not like to pay?
Here are some solutions:

Use the services provided by LogMeIn
With LogMeIn you can access to your desktop and files from a remote computer. All you need is just an Internet connection in your source computer and signing up in LogMeIn services and have a small program installed on your source computer...
That's all!

LogMeIn have some free services that only support desktop sharing, it is easy to use...
You control your computer's desktop remotely using a browser-based program.
And if you pay a little and upgrade your account, you can have file-transfer service as well.
You can test these features for a limited time, but as I say before, desktop sharing is free...

The second solution is to have a VPN and simply connecting to your Virtual Private Network and accessing your shared files and folders...
But there is an small problem here and that is: Your IP changes every time, so you need an static IP.
You do NOT want to pay for an Static IP? Here is the solution:

Signing up and installing an small program, then you choose a sub domain name for your source computer, that's all!
Now you have a URL that every time points to your source computer...
The resident program updates your computer's IP address (each time it changes) in the sub domain's records.

With this free service, you can setup your own web server (e.g. for testing purposes), set up your own VPN and better than all: have remote-connections to your computer using Remote Desktop.

It is really fantastic!

I've setup my own web-server in my home computer for testing purposes.
I've also setup remote connections so when ever I need to access my files, it could not be easier than this using these free services...

Have a try!