Thursday, 21 January 2010

Which server virtualization platform is better?

Which server virtualization platform is better?

Answering this question is extremely hard! Supposing we have these server virtualization platforms:
Citrix XenServer
Microsoft Hyper-V

I've been using and testing these different solutions for a while, now I've come to a conclusion:
It is better not to talk about Hyper-V here. Between Citrix XenServer and VMWare ESXi, I'd personally prefer Citrix XenServer.
ESXi and XenServer are both free, but Hyper-V is not.

XenServer works with a wide variety of hardware platforms, without a hassle. But my main problem with ESXi (despite fewer features than XenServer), was the hardware incompatibility problems, especially with NICs. ESXi supposes that you use some special hardwares, it is not working with ordinary ones. But XenServer works very well with ordinary hardwares (even notebooks!) and professionals as well.

My short experience of using ESXi, XenServer and Hpyer-V, says that XenServer is the best solution among these three solutions (at least about price with Hyper-V and about hardware compatibility with ESXi)...