Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hello Mac!

Being totally new to the development world of Mac, with my .NET and Windows programming background, I've experienced and actually experiencing many new things in this new world. I've decided to share my experience here on my blog.

Having .NET and C# background, I really preferred to use Mono and MonoMac. Eventually when I see the style of programming, I was totally disappointed. I was mostly thinking that because I'm not using the very original tools (mean the Objective C and XCode), that's why every thing seems to be this hard. I should also mention that when I'm talking Mono, I'm not really meaning to use WinForms on Mac. They really really look very odd and actually no Mac user prefers that style. So the option is MonoMac. Anyway, so I was convinced that I really need to learn Objective C in depth. So I started with few books and videos. Learner Objective C in depth (not really ;) ) and the Foundation framework and Cocoa and so forth. After around a week or a more, I was thinking that how easy was MonoMac! But I tried to continue with Objective C. I was thinking that Mac world is totally different form Windows world and I should not think the way I thought in Windows and etc. I talked with many Mac developers and .NET developers about my experience with Objective C. Mac developers mostly said that this is a completely new world, however, the amount of work to create simple things in XCode and Objective C was not really acceptable for me. With C# .NET and Visual Studio I was very very fast. XCode and Objective C remembered me MFC applications! You really need to take care of every details and write too much frustrating codes and so forth.

Objective C really looks like an out dated programming language. However, in its version 2.0 many new features have been added, but still too far from an elegant and modern language such as C#. As a result, I retried to use MonoMac as well as Xamarin.Mac. I go ahead and purchased a professional license of Xamarin.Mac and I'm actually experiencing new things with it. There are few issues with Xamarin.Mac. The developers are not that much and thus, you can not find many sample codes for it on internet. Furthermore, you hardly find answers to your questions. However, issues are them same for Objective C developers. Thus, you can find solutions to your problems in Objective C and by knowing a little bit of its weird syntax, you can easily convert that code in to C#.

Anyway, this was a brief history of my experience in Mac development world and I'll be posting new things here.