Saturday, 5 October 2013

Restart Ubuntu Desktop

Linux core is very stable, but that does not necessarily means that Ubuntu desktop is stable as well!
Many times Unity (Ubuntu's shell interface for GNOME) becomes totally unresponsive (at least for me!), since the core is stable and it is running, you can easily restart the desktop (without even having your running programs closed). If the desktop is totally unresponsive, then press Alt+Ctrl+F1 (to F6) to bring the console window. There you can run unity by (remember to detach the process by adding & disown, also redirect the output and error &> /dev/null. After it, simply hit Alr+Ctrl+F7 (or F8) to come back to the graphical desktop.
An alternative way is to restart compiz (since unity is a plugin of it): compiz --replace and if you're running from Alt+Ctrl+F1 terminal, then specify the display: compiz --display :0 --replace. You still need to add & disown.